I've acted, written, and worked with performance ensembles for over a decade.

I currently lead Dugway Proving Ground, a theater ensemble I co-founded in Oakland, CA. We share our name with the other Dugway Proving Ground—the U.S. Army facility founded in 1942 to test biological and chemical weapons. In terms of land mass, it is approximately the size of Rhode Island.

Many people think it’s a terrible name. They are probably correct.

At Dugway Proving Ground, we want to produce theater that is play and music and movement. We believe theater should offer audiences something different from the screen (we <3 Netflix just as much as you, but we’re not trying to be that). And we believe exploratory artistic work is vital and should be done with those you respect.

With a background in theater, improv, dance, and movement, I've had the pleasure of training and collaborating with a number of different teachers, playwrights, and directors, including Tom Bentley-Fisher, Kym Moore, Erik Ehn, Mia Rovegno, and Max Posner. I currently train and collaborate with the Yat-Bentley Centre for Performance in the SF Bay Area.